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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Surgery Risks and Complications

Every surgical intervention carries the potential for complications, and various procedures may entail specific risks. The overarching risks associated with surgery include:

The natural healing process of the body involves scarring after any surgical incision. The visibility and intensity of scars differ based on factors such as skin type, genetics, and the size and location of the incision. Some individuals may develop hypertrophic or keloid scars. In the event of undesirable scarring, potential treatments can be explored based on the recommendations of Dr Vlad ILLIE.

Potential for Infection
Infections can emerge as a complication in any surgical scenario, including plastic surgery. Infection occurs when harmful bacteria infiltrate the surgical site, leading to symptoms such as redness, heightened pain, pus formation, and non-healing wounds. While strict sterility protocols are maintained by the surgeon to minimise this risk, patients must diligently follow post-operative care instructions. Timely detection and antibiotic treatment are essential in managing and resolving infections.

Pain is an anticipated side effect post-surgery, with intensity and duration varying depending on the surgical type and individual pain tolerance. While some discomfort is normal, persistent or severe pain may indicate a complication, requiring prompt attention. Dr Vlad ILLIE will provide guidance on pain management, incorporating prescribed pain relievers and recommendations for rest and recovery.

Incidence of Bleeding
External and internal bleeding may occur as a consequence of surgical procedures. External bleeding is observable at the surgical site, whereas internal bleeding or hematoma may present as pain, pressure, or swelling in the affected area. Unusual swelling or bleeding after surgery necessitates immediate medical attention.

Formation of Seroma
A seroma is the accumulation of clear lymph fluid beneath the skin post-surgery, often resulting from the disturbance of lymph vessels during the surgical process. Symptoms include heightened pain, a sensation of pressure, and a noticeable bump or clear fluid drainage from the surgical site. Though generally minor, seromas might require drainage or additional interventions for proper healing.

Complications Related to Anaesthesia
Despite the use of anaesthesia for pain management, inherent risks accompany its administration. Possible complications encompass allergic reactions, trauma from intubation, malignant hyperthermia, and issues with blood pressure or respiration. Vigilant monitoring during surgery enables the surgeon to promptly identify and manage such complications.

Potential for Undesirable Aesthetic Outcomes
Even with established medical techniques and the expertise of a qualified surgeon, there exists the potential for undesirable aesthetic outcomes following plastic surgery. This could manifest as asymmetry, skin puckering, or results that fall short of the patient’s expectations. Setting realistic expectations and comprehensive discussions about potential outcomes during consultations are crucial. While revision surgery may sometimes rectify undesirable outcomes, it is not always guaranteed.

Risk of Nerve Damage
Nerve damage is a rare but plausible complication of plastic surgery, resulting from the surgical manipulation of tissues or inadvertent nerve injury during the procedure. Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, or loss of sensation in the affected area. While nerve function typically returns gradually over weeks to months in most cases, permanent changes can occur in rare instances. Prompt reporting of any unusual sensations post-surgery is essential.

Occurrence of Bruising and Swelling
Post-surgical bruising and swelling are common experiences, integral to the healing process. While considered normal, prolonged or excessive bruising and swelling warrant attention. Adhering to post-operative care instructions, including elevating the affected area, applying cold compresses, and avoiding strenuous activities, is essential. However, unusual and persistent swelling or deep, dark bruising should prompt contact for an evaluation.

Risk of Death
Though exceptionally rare, inherent risks, including the potential for death, accompany any surgical procedure. This could result from severe complications, adverse reactions to anaesthesia, or underlying health conditions. Patient safety is prioritised by the surgeon and their team, involving rigorous pre-operative screening and the use of the latest surgical techniques and protocols. Open communication about your complete medical history during consultations and strict adherence to pre-operative and post-operative guidelines are imperative.


Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
MBBS, MS, FRACS (plastic and reconstructive surgery)
AHPRA Registration Number MED0000966953

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Dr Vlad ILLIE - plastic and reconstruction surgeon Bondi Junction, Sydney and Gosford, Central Coast
Dr Vlad ILLIE - plastic and reconstructive surgeon Sydney and Central Coast
Dr Vlad ILLIE - plastic and reconstruction surgeon Bondi Junction, Sydney - specialist breast lift surgery

Great microsurgical skills are crucial for plastic surgeons to perform complex reconstructive procedures, such as breast and facial reconstruction, which involve the transfer of tissue and reattachment of  blood vessels and nerves. These delicate procedures require precision and extensive expertise to achieve optimal results and minimise the risk of complications. With advanced microsurgical skills, Dr Vlad ILLIE can offer his patients safe, effective, and long-lasting solutions to their aesthetic and reconstructive needs.

Through direct involvement in managing an experimental microsurgery laboratory during his early training and subsequently instructing practical microsurgery courses, Dr Vlad ILLIE acquired the professional expertise to handle complex reconstructive cases and revisions from previous operations. 

For further information about Dr Vlad ILLIE’s research publications in the microsurgical field and for his contribution to microsurgical training, please click here.

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Dr Vlad ILLIE, a specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Sydney, holds qualifications as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). He is registered with AHPRA under the registration number MED0000966953.

It’s important to note that all medical treatments involve inherent risks, and outcomes may vary without guaranteeing specific results.
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